The Official Kes Billy Casper
Site Credits: Design by     Caricature by Jon Wilkinson
Billy Casper
REBEL WITH A CAUSE is a motif I adopted, when a friend and I collaborated on the 40th Anniversary T-shirt; so named for three reasons.

For Billy, it represented his unshakable relationship with KES, founded on a sense of respect for freedom with responsibility; somewhat like “living at one with Nature.” When flying KES to the lure, Billy accepted that she always had an opportunity to take off and return to the wild.

For me, it’s a personal homage to a 1950’s rebel, James Dean whose life was cut tragically short in a car accident – before his career had barely begun. Best known for three films (GIANT, REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE and EAST OF EDEN), Jimmy was the iconoclast rebel in whom a generation of troubled youngsters identified.

Thirdly, the new KES – BILLY CASPER web site intends to make a contribution to various charities for every item sold, on behalf of fans.

All profits from the Charity Car Stickers (after deducting costs) will benefit the local Barnsley Hospice – in memory of a much loved Mum. Having done the arithmetic, it represents Ł1-00 per car sticker.

All Memorabilia pertaining to photos, mounted images, posters etc., will benefit the NSPCC’s Child Line to the tune of 10 per cent.

For every Rebel T-shirt sold (after costs), 15 per cent directly benefits The Food Chain, a charity providing meals to men, women, and children chronically sick as a result of HIV related illness – prepared and delivered by volunteers, funded via public donations.